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I'm sitting in a camp bunk bed not trying make noise while I'm crying my heart out. Why? Because of you.

Just because she doesn’t cut on the outside, doesn’t mean she doesn’t cut on the inside.


You expected her to play the part when you’ve got other people auditioning for her role.


Let’s play titanic I’ll play iceberg and you’ll go down.


(Source: hows-that-rad)

When Augustus Waters said “It’s a metaphor you see” it reminded me what our freedom is like also.



Sometimes. But sometimes being alone can cause us to think way too hard. For me, I have social anxiety. I sometimes think of incidents 100 years ago that happened to me and dwell on them, whether I felt embarrassed or whatever and usually it’s something so small like an impulse action with a friend that I felt I would have looked weird. Idk what I’m saying it’s 4am and … I’m alone.


No worries :-) But at least your love life is better than mine, so don’t doubt  yourself too much.